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Pet Boarding

AS OF 1-1-23


Dog Boarding      $30 per day per dog. 

                              $27 per day for multiple dogs registered to the same address.


Cat Boarding        $15 per day per cat, regardless of quantity.


What we require:

Computer printout from your vet that your pets are vaccinated for the following:

DOGS: Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough)  

CATS: Rabies, Distemper, Feline Lukemia vaccination


All vaccinations must be administered at least two weeks before scheduled arrival and not be rendered inert before their stay is completed.  Handwritten records will not be accepted.  Admission will not be permitted without proper documentation.  The state requires our kennel to keep a copy of current rabies vaccination for all canine guests.  The tags associated with the dog are no longer sufficient.


All Dogs 3 Months of age and older must also have their current dog license either on their collar or with their belongings. We are randomly inspected by the State Dog Warden. Owners without a license will be fined up to $300 per day. For more information or to obtain a Dog License go to 


What we reccomend:

We reccomend treating your pet for fleas and ticks prior to their visit. If you do not currently use a treatment, consult with your vet for a reccomended product. We do treat our grounds with a flea and tick treatment, however nothing is 100% effective.


If you would like grooming during your stay, reservations should be made during the intial boarding reservation. Our groomers can provide full grooming or a bath and nails appointment Monday-Friday by appointment, but those appointments do fill up.  


What to Bring:

Food- Please bring enough food for your pet's stay plus a little extra in case of emergency stay. Sealed containers are appreciated. If someone else is bringing your pets, please be sure to provide us a note of the brand and type of food they are eating. 


Treats- Please only bring items that your pet has consumed before. "Special new treats" can sometimes lead to digestive issues or allergic reactions that we would rather avoid.


Bedding- Leave it at home.  We will use our blankets.  Upon veterinary recommendation, we no longer allow outside bedding to be brought in.


Toys- Chews, bones, balls, etc. are welcome but it is at our discretion what toys are administered.  


Medication- Please notify us in advance of your pet's stay if your pet is on perscription medication. 


What we need to know:

Does your pet have allergies? Are they on any medications? Is your pet afraid of anything? How do they react to storms? How much does your pet eat and how often? These are just a few of the questions we may ask when you bring your pet in for boarding.



Where to Find Us:

Kritter Kuts & Kennels
594 Crucible Rd

Rices Landing, PA 15357

Phone: 724-966-5497


Our Hours

AS OF 1-1-23


By Appointment Only




Drop Off & Pick Up

Sunday - Friday 5pm-7pm ONLY


Closed Saturdays
and Major Holidays



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